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i am looking for script through i can take weekly backup of configuration.

New Contributor II
Hi All,
I hope that you are doing well...
i am new in Brocade ICX family switches.
i have one small query if any one can help me, it will be highly appreciated !!!!
we have Brocade ICX 7450,7250 and 6430 switches and i am looking for script through i can take weekly backup of configration.
i have spend so much time to make it possible by using their in buit option which is Batch buffer but unfortunatly it not work as i accepted.

so dear all , i am looking hopefully your response.

Thanks in Advance

New Contributor III
How is your python? You could easily write a script utilizing netmiko to accomplish this. 

Hi, thanks for reply, i have not used python yet but i heard lots of about it and i am interested to do !!!
do one favor for me.
how to start it ? please give me some guidelines....

Hi, as i did some googling and got info about python and script for network backup.
i have installed it on my windows system.
but when i trying to execute that script, it showing an error as below.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1, in
    from netmiko import ConnectHandler
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'netmiko'

so i have downloaded netmiko 2.2.2 but still i am getting error like above.

please help

as you asked to me Q,  How is my python? , honestly i tell you i heard lots of about it but never used, today i used it and frankly i tell u its amazing, i started finding more about it  and i got script for cisco switch and as tested it works !!!
do you have any scrip for brocade ICX switches ?
i really appreciate your help ....