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flex auth tagged vlans to ESX environments running 08030t

New Contributor
We have ICX6450 and FCX6XX series switches that have just been upgraded to do Flex Authentication on code 08030t and have interfaces going ESX environments with multiple tagged VLANs. Since upgrading to 08030t and enabling Flex Auth with Dynamic VLAN, none of the tagged MACs authenticate. Radius server has the correct VLAN IDs/Tunnel IDs. THe only way to get these interfaces to work is to manually tag the interfaces going tothe ESX environments and everything starts authenticating from those interfaces. All these MACs also were working before enabling Flex Auth/Dynamic VLAN. Is there a best practice to configure multiple tagged VLANs to ESX environments? According to the Ruckus documentation FLex Auth is supposed to work with tagged VLANs.