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dot1x configuration issue

New Contributor

Hi , i try to make dot1x configuration but i get this information. How to resolve it ? 


telnet@7450_B28-P1(config-authen)#dot1x enable ethernet 2/1/2
Error - MAC-AUTH/Dot1x cannot be enabled on UNTAGGED port 2/1/2 on non-system default vlan


telnet@7450_B28-P1(config-authen)#sho dot1x conf
PAE Capability : Authenticator Only
Status : Enabled
Auth Order : dot1x mac-auth
Default VLAN : 200
Auth VLAN Mode : Multiple Untagged Mode
Restricted VLAN : Not configured
Critical VLAN : Not configured
Guest VLAN : Not configured
Action on Auth failure : Block traffic
MAC Session Aging : Enabled
Filter Strict Security : Enabled
Re-authentication : Disabled
Session max sw-age : 120 seconds
Session max hw-age : 70 seconds
Quiet-period : 60 seconds
TX-period : 30 seconds
Reauth-period : 3600 seconds
Supplicant-timeout : 30 seconds
Max Reauth requests : 2
Protocol Version : 1


my running config :


auth-default-vlan 200
auth-vlan-mode multiple-untagged
dot1x enable
aaa authentication dot1x default radius
aaa authentication login default local
enable password-display
enable telnet authentication
hostname 7450_B28-P1
ip route
logging host
logging host
username admin password XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 default key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
radius-server key XXXXXXXXXXXXX



New Contributor

hello - did you resolve it? I have the same problem