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Upgrading ICX 7150's to 8090c non-UFI and need to upgrade it to latest firmware. Need some guidance

New Contributor III
So I have two ICX 7150 C12P's that were recently upgraded to 8090c (both primary and secondary) from 8070 and 8080 with the regular bin file, not the UFI. I've been advised to use the UFI file for this version and up. We needed them upgraded to work with Smartzone and I was unaware of needing the UFI file.

We've also been advised to go ahead and upgrade it to 08091 as well. Can I upgrade straight to this latest version safely? And, if so, do I also need to use the UFI file when upgrading? (Will this work using the command copy tftp flash 192.x.x.x SPS08091ufi.bin primary?)

FYI, I am new to networking and Ruckus, so I apologize for lack of knowledge in some areas.

Sorry for the bombardment of questions, hopefully this makes sense. If I'm missing any info needed, let me know.


New Contributor III
wanted to let you guys know, the update went smoothly. No errors or crashes! Thanks for the advice!

New Contributor II

Hi Hailey

I think already you got the answers you were looking for.

One comment here , I see you state that you understand that SPS is for Primary and SPR for secondary , which is actually incorrect, so I want to help you understand that 

File name with SPSxxxxx.bin  means it is switching image for switches that perform Layer 2/Pure Switching.
Filename with SPRxxxx.bin means it is Routing image for switches that will perform Layer 3 functionality as Router.

Hope this helps.

Yamini Elango

Very well said.  To expound upon this, by convention we usually place the Layer-3 (routing) firmware SPR in Secondary and the Layer-2 (switching) SPS firmware in Primary.  This is in fact how the devices ship as well.  This convention goes back to the Foundry days and is really no different than other conventions from decades ago like placing the Master drive on the far end of the IDE/ATA cable and the Slave in the middle... it was just convention.

You CAN actually put whichever compatible SPS or SPR in either primary or secondary, and you can specify which slot boots the device primary or secondary.

What is crucially important is knowing what features are configured and what build you need.  For example, if you upgrade from SPR08080e.bin for example to SPS08090d.bin UFI, you are going to be in for chaos when you reboot that device and suddenly it does not do any routing, all the VEs/routing-interfaces are gone etc.