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TDR cable diagnostics only works on master switch in a stack

New Contributor II
Trying to avoid opening a case unless I have to.  We have noticed that the TDR cable diagnostics works on the master switch in the stack, but not on any other stack members.  This is on 08.0.30r.
Any one know if this is a known problem and if there is a fix for it?

ID   Type          Role    Mac Address    Pri State   Comment
1 S ICX6450-48P member 0024.38c3.e540 235 remote Ready
2 S ICX6450-48P member 0024.38c1.8080 225 remote Ready
3 S ICX6450-48P active 0024.38c2.6900 255 local Ready
4 S ICX6450-48P standby 0024.38bc.13c0 245 remote Ready
5 S ICX6450-48P member 748e.f80a.e380 215 remote Ready

#phy cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/1
#sho cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/1

Port Speed Local pair Pair Length Remote pair Pair status
---- ----- ---------- ----------- ----------- -----------
1/1/1 UNKWN Pair A 0000003M Failed
Pair B 0000003M Failed
Pair C 0000003M Failed
Pair D 0000003M Failed

#phy cable-diagnostics tdr 3/1/1
#sho cable-diagnostics tdr 3/1/1

Port Speed Local pair Pair Length Remote pair Pair status
---- ----- ---------- ----------- ----------- -----------
3/1/1 UNKWN Pair A 0000054M Open
Pair B 0000058M Open
Pair C 0000056M Open
Pair D <=3 M Pair C Impedance mismatch

I would open a case on this one. It should be a pretty quick test in the lab for the TAC engineer. 
Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer