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Removing a switch from an existing stack

Contributor III
Is there a procedure to follow to remove switches from an existing stack?

New Contributor II

To remove a unit from the stack, disconnect the cables from the stacking ports. This can be done whether the units are powered on or powered off. When you remove a unit that is powered on, it is still in stacking-enabled mode. To remove the stacking files, enter the stack unconfigure me or stack unconfigure clean command.

The "stack unconfigure me" command returns a unit to the state it had before joining a stack and recovers its startup configuration. The stack unconfigure clean command removes the unit's startup configuration. When you issue either command, the unit operates as a standalone unit once it reboots.

When a unit is removed from a stack, the active controller deletes the unit configuration if it has been dynamically learned.

Contributor III
Hi Edrei, thanks for the guidance. Right now i have 2 switches of a 6 switch stack turned off. I want to remove them but when i query the stack with 'show stack' it tells me the two switches are in 'standby'. So it still knows about them. So if i disconnect the cables and loop the switch 4 back to switch 1 to compete the 4 switch stack, will the switch config adjust itself to now only see a 4 switch stack and remove any reference to the 2 removed switches?

New Contributor III
You can unconfigure a unit member by issuing a stack unconfigure (unit number). So below would be unit 4

stack unconfigure 4.