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Regarding VlAN on Ruckus ICX 7150

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I have one Mikrotik router router one Ruckus ICX 7150 switch and one ad server. Our DHCP configuration on the Ad server, I want to create the VLAN 100 200 300 for 100 DHCP is and DHCP  for 200 VLAN is and DHCP for 300 is DHCP

I have also configured the Relay on the Mikrotik router to define the DHCP server IP in Realy. Also setting is done on the Ruckus switch but unable to get the IP on the client side can you please help me or share the full details of what setting I need to do?   


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Hi Meahrs ,

Thank you for posting you query !!!

I understand that you have done settings  on Ruckus switch but unable to get ip on the client side and you have one DHCP configuration on AD server and Relay on the Mikrotik router  define as the dhcp server ip in relay .

You can refer the below link regarding the configuration of dhcp on ruckus side :

Moving Forward If this issue is not resolved , Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will assist you further.

I hope this information helps you

Please feel free to leave us a message if any concerns

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Hi Meahrs, 

Based on the details :

We have a Topology :

Clients >>>>>> Ruckus Switch >>>>>>> Mikrotik router >>>>>>>>> dhcp server

Here clients are not receiving Ips.

Please check on the router : that there is :
Separate SVIs/interface ips for each of the Subnet on vlans 100 200 300
Which are a part of excluded range under :
Subnet for 100
and subnet for 200
and Subnet for 300.
On DHCP server pools.

And have respective relays configured and in place.
Once this is done :

On the link between : Ruckus Switch >>>>>>> Mikrotik router

Ensure all vlans are passed along.
On the switch its simple :
You need to either tag or untag the vlans on the port.

Depending on you using the vlan 1 : you can either tag all vlans or untag any one of them and tag the others.

For untagging :
Conf t
Vlan < vlan id >
Untag eth < port number >

Tagging :

Conf t
Vlan < vlan id >
Tag eth < port number >

Also depending on the code you are running : check with show version :

If you see SPR :
Then create vlans
And associate them correctly as tag of untag on the port connecting to the router.

With SPR you get option to create SVIs if needed.

If you see SPS :
The create vlans
And associate them correctly as tag of untag on the port connecting to the router.

And depending on the end client : use tag or untag  for a port under the respective vlan.

On the router depending on the router : you will have either routed ports or L2 ports.
Generally you have routed ports where if you are allowing multiple vlan you need have sub-interfaces for the other subnets.

Else based on the vendor Please do check how multiple vlans/subnets can be allowed across a link.

Once this is sorted : you will have formed Layer 2 extended subnet from the router downwards towards you LAN,

And the end client ports will be a part of the respective vlans as well.

Here if the DHCP server resides in vlan 100 :
The dhcp relays set under the vlan 200 and 300 should help clients receive the address.

This is step-by-step process you need to check.

If you want to test if there are DHCP issues click here 

Do let us know your thoughts, and feel free to trouble us ! 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Meahrs,

Basic troubleshoot steps:

[+] Always collect the packet capture to verify the DORA process

[+] If the problem started after upgrade or downgrade - reconfigure DHCP on ICX device.

      Check if any difference in commands in previous version to new version

[+] Check the DHCP server is on ICX or external DHCP server. Verify the DHCP server configuration on Ruckus if applicable.

[+] Make sure tagging is correct from server to client

[+] Make sure that DHCP options are set correctly on device

[+] Check the problem is in a specific Vlan or on multiple Vlans. Move the client to different vlan and check the problem exist.

[+] DHCP binding scalability

       8095 - 500 clients can be connected

       9010 - 3000 clients can be connected

[+] collect below command outputs

      sh ip dhcp-server statistics

      sh ip dhcp-server summary

     Show ip dhcp-server binding

[+] If needed attach a external DHCP server(windo




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