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Port management is not showing in 200.9 unleashed web interface for joined ICX 7150-C12 switch.

New Contributor II
I am looking to manage ports on my ICX 7150-C12 switch that is joined in Unleashed, running on an R320.  I also have 2x r510s.  The 200.9 documentation shows expanding "show port info" will show this interface:

My Unleashed web interface only shows the pie chart above.  Is there an extra step to enable port management in Unleashed?  Or do I need to do this via the switch's Web GUI?

New Contributor
Hi Matthew 

check this manual 

Preparing an ICX Switch for Unleashed Management

New Contributor II
I realized I had "Summary" and not the specific ICX selected in the left-hand panel of the web interface. :(. As soon as I clicked on the switch, the port management panel showed up.

Contributor II
Glad you are using this feature, a tip you will find useful especially this is new feature and the port status icon may not be obvious to begin with, you could hoover on the (i) next to the switch name on the port info panel (see below screenshot), status including Up, Down, Linked to Ruckus AP, Block by Admin, PoE Detected Ports and Stacking Ports.  The status can be aggregated, like my home network you will see port 2 have three status (Up, Linked to Ruckus AP, and PoE Detected Ports). 

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