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Not Receiving Inbound Traffic on RSPAN Destination

New Contributor II

Hello.  I have rspan setup, but noticed on my workstation running Wireshark I'm only receiving outbound traffic from the source device.  Without luck I've tried rspan source monitor-both eth 2/1/20 as well as rspan source monitor-in eth 2/1/20 AND rspan source monitor-out eth 2/1/20.  I do not have a capture or display filter set on Wireshark.  Below is what I have configured.  I was wondering if someone could see what I'm missing?  Thanks.

Access SW with source device

rspan-vlan 3100
tagged lag 1      [lag 1 is trunk to Core SW]
rspan destination lag 1
rspan source monitor-in ethe 2/1/20
rspan source monitor-out ethe 2/1/20
spanning-tree 802-1w

int eth 2/1/20

spanning-tree 802-1w admin-edge-port


Core SW

rspan-vlan 3100

tagged lag 1 to lag 48   [all lags are tagged]

spanning-tree 802-1w

Access SW with destination workstation running Wireshark

rspan-vlan 3100

tagged eth 4/1/10 lag 1      [lag 1 is trunk to Core SW]

rspan destination eth 4/1/10

spanning-tree 802-1w