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No link activity using SFP modules.

New Contributor II
We are running a new deployed network consisting of ICX-7150-48 and using fiber uplinks.  Currently the modules we have purchased appear to be compatible with the 7150s based on the product support for 1 GB Fiber. 

Fiber Module Model - E1MG-SX-A

Fiber Cable - Multimode LC/LC Duplex Fiber Optic cable 62.5/125

The logs show that the modules were accepted when they were inserted locally in the office, however fiber cables weren't connected from what has been relayed. 

I won't have access to the switches until the technician wakes up in several hours. 

Brocades are somewhat new to our department, is there anything I need to look for configuration wise that would prevent the uplinks from functioning?

Any direction would greatly be appreciated. 

Thank you,