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Network management software

New Contributor II

Hello everyone! I'm new to network administration as I was before a desktop administrator. I'm looking for a solution to manage the configuration of our managed switches. We have around 125 switches around, about 95% of them being ICX switches (7150s, 7250s, and 6430s that may or may not get upgraded).

We are currently using a AutoHotKey script to launch PuTTY and send keystrokes to backup our switches. As you can guess, it's not really robust and can easily be interrupted.

I enrolled in a 30-day demo of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM), it seems to be interesting but they don't seem to support ICX switches: it doesn't discover VLANs and interfaces from inside the switches. I guess they don't have the right SNMP MIBs.

Preferably I'd prefer vendor-agnostic software: we are a government organization and we can't control which vendor we get. It's a "lowest bidder wins" formula so we may get Cisco, Juniper, Aruba or stay with Ruckus for our next contract.

Thank You 


RUCKUS Team Member

I am assuming you are not using SmartZone - besides managing RUCKUS access points, it also manages ICX switches, but it's not vendor-agnostic. Did you consider using Ansible AWX? It's open-source, vendor agnostic, and we have many ansible playbooks for ICX here:

The module icx_copy allows you to copy running-config and startup-config files. The module icx_vlan allows you to manage vlans.

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