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Mix stacks of ICX 7650

New Contributor III
Hi everyone, question..
I was planning to design a mix stack of Ruckus ICX 7650-48ZP and ICX 7650-48P will that be possible?

And also, I am reading on datasheet about notes on ICX 7650-48P that says "ICX 7650-48P
only supports 2x40G rear facing uplink ports".

I wanted to use ICX7650-4X10GF as my uplink and use the rear for stacking but I don't know if the said note would make this possible.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Noel,

Please read thru the stacking guide starting page 119 for modules options and support.

Here is the 7650 product family spec sheet explaining the available front and rear modules for stacking or data uplink.

Happy reading !


Contributor II
Hi Noel

Yes you can mix the various versions of the 7650 in the same stack, there are no restrictions.

In your configuration you will use the rear ports for stack connections and then add a 4x10GF module to the front slot for the uplinks which is a very common configuration.

New Contributor III
Thanks for your help.

New Contributor III
Also if I may ask regarding ICX 7750, can i stack 2 switches and then do a MCT on another switch of same configuration. Like having a 2 sets of stacks and then do an MCT is that possible?