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Mac based VLAN - Howto convert config ?

New Contributor II
we are using MAC based vlan for a long time. We have a running config for FCX running 7.X code. Starting with 8.0.20(30) the syntax of the configuration has changed.
Currently I have no success to get it up and working.
We are using a radius server to deploy information about a pair of MAC address and vlan. The switch is putting this MAC into the vlan.
On a new switch running 8.0.70 we see only the error message:"Feb 21 16:27:55:N:MAC Authentication RADIUS timeout for ....", but
show radius servers 
Server                Type      Opens     Closes   Timeouts   Status 
X.X.X.X                any          0          0          0   active
Auth Servers: available
Acct Servers: available

In the beginning I also tried then test command (802.1x test for radius) which worked.
So no idea, why mac-auth is not speaking to the radius ...