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Lots of log errors, APs drop connection constantly, ICX 7150-C12P & R510

New Contributor
This log is repeated whenever a device drops a connection (whether it was unable to resolve ip, failed latency test, or failed upload)

Oct 19 22:13:26 RuckusAP syslog: sqlited, sta_count = 1, inserted_sta = 1 
Oct 19 22:13:19 RuckusAP ZD-APMgr: IPC_thread rcv ping from TACMON 
Oct 19 22:12:55 RuckusAP syslog: pid=1889, _loadXmlStr():Unable to parse XML string (null) 
Oct 19 22:12:55 RuckusAP syslog: upgrade_debug: pid=6855, get_ap_list(): see [/tmp/unleashed_upgrade/upgrade_ap_list_from_election.xml.ready], ap-list ready! 
Oct 19 22:12:55 RuckusAP syslog: upgrade_debug: pid=6855, get_ap_list(): ap-list loop 0. 

Oct 19 22:12:39 RuckusAP kernel: [40278.005922] rks_ioctl: module 27 cmd 3 not supported
I'm not the most familiar with networking, but do my best to understand, and this is my fiance's parents, so a complete disconnect on what they 'know' about wifi. 

There's two R510's on the network, connected to the C12P. Oddly they left the Spectrum router enabled and broadcasting (is this normal alongside the AP's?). No issues with the spectrum router and wifi it provides, only on the AP's. Also oddly, some sites will load, but some will completely fail.

I'll do my best to provide additional details!

RUCKUS Team Member

Hey Jacob,

Hopoe you are doing Greta!!!

This seems to be AP logs.  You opened a question on ICX Forum.

Please open a question on the R510 Forum