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Icx 7150 console login

New Contributor



I did a hard reset on my icx switch and I am trying to update the firmware so it can be on the unleashed network.  I am using mobaxterm and when I did the reset it showed it starting up. The console won't let me type anything unless I do user access verification. 

I am trying to enter a password but it won't let me type anything.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @kindlord 

Thank you for reaching out, Is it possible to get a snapshot of the console prompt to understand the issue better? 

Also, Is it prompting for any username/password for logging you in? If aaa is enabled for the console you need to log in using the credentials created. The default username and password on ICX starting 8090 are super and sp-admin.

Jijo panangat
Principal Tech Support Engineer