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ICX7450 stacking question

New Contributor II
Hi  all - We have 3 x ICX7450 in a stack via the 10GB 4 port modules, Stack unit 1 is master then next is unit 2 and finally 3. Their stack priority values also descend. Now we need to add another switch to the stack which needs to be unit 4 but physically it needs to be placed inbetween unit 2 and 3. so the stack units would be 1, 2, 4 and 3. Is this possible and would it work? Requirement is due to physical locations in the DC. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. many thanks Ben

Yes it would work.  You can unplug the stacking cable from one switch and plug it into the new switch.  It will reboot and become member # 4.  As long as you are using a stacking ring topology and have 2 stacking cables to each switch to make a circle then you should have 0 downtime on the existing switches.

Many thanks Paul for the prompt reply!

Kind regards