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ICX6450-48 showing Error: I2C access failed for device 0x2f

New Contributor


This is a NOS switch that I just purchased. I updated the FW using the configuration file (in 08030h, so FI08030h_Manifest.txt) through the console. All went well and I reset the switch. Problems started when I moved the switch from the bench to the rack. The above message shows up in the console, and it starts during boot (after the kernel has loaded). The error is preceded by stack messages.

stack: 0068bc74 01450a2c 014272d4 00f5b4bc 00588c0c 010dd7d0 010d83a0 010daad0 010dae88 003ac83c 00699a90 016b
9894 016b9f18 016bbd48 016d2db4 016d4854 00f56cfc 0057e528 00f5af10 014174dc 0190cc48 02430ca8  
Error: I2C access failed for device 0x2f, command -1071879421, I2C code = 0x1, SIM Code = 14, TWSI Sts = 0xf8

Error: I2C access failed for device 0x2f, command -1071879421, I2C code = 0x1, SIM Code = 14, TWSI Sts = 0xf8

Error: I2C access failed for device 0x2f, command -1071879421, I2C code = 0x1, SIM Code = 14, TWSI Sts = 0xf8

This goes on and on in the console. I can stop the messages for a couple seconds (for logging in, for example), but they will come back after a few seconds.

The same error is shown in the web monitor, under Monitor -> Device. It shows up beside "Role"

In addition, some hw monitoring information seems to be no longer available (i.e. board temperature is not there, but fan presence shows up).

The switch appears to be working OK aside from this.

I tried booting with the secondary FW (i.e. original version, 08.0.10BT313(ICX64R08010m.bin)) and the same messages show up.

What do you suggest the best approach would be at this point?




New Contributor

Hello Hashim,

I figured it was hardware when I finally saw the messages before the bootloader started.

I've contacted the reseller and will see how this can be resolved.

Note that if this would have been for a business critical function I would probably have bought from an official reseller at full pop. However, for what I needed (and for the amount of time I needed it), the deal was good enough for me to take a chance. Note that some manufacturers are more lenient than others (i.e. warranty their products no matter where it was purchased) and I do respect that it's not the case with Ruckus (likely to limit potential abuse), although I'm a bit disappointed.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Eloi,

Thanks the reason we do not honor from third party stuffs.

The reason being it is not contracted out and many times people pick up salvage items and try to sell it on the web.

So we cannot guarantee for the reasons also if you buy from our Certified vendors as well you will get a full warranty.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards