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ICX 7550 24ZP / 48ZP Airflow

New Contributor

Is there any documentation listing max airflow requirements for the ICX 7550 switches and fan curves for their fan modules? I need to ensure that they are getting enough air in an enclosure. 


Valued Contributor

Please see the ICX 7550 Installation Guide Document:

The document details the switch airflow/space requirements: 

  • Allow at least 7.62 cm (3 in.) of space between the front and the back of the device and walls or other obstructions for proper airflow.

  • Allow at least 7.62 cm (3 in.) of space at the front and back of the device for the twisted-pair, fiber-optic, and power cabling.

Thanks, I did see the space requirements in the documentation. Our application has the switch in an enclosure with other components and a limited supply of conditioned air. Therefore knowing the max airflow that the ICX 7550 will draw is beneficial.