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ICX 7150 tag port VLAN1

New Contributor


I have multiple ICX 7150 switches in my network. I need a simple configuration based on vlan port. I need to tag VLAN 1 on some ports but seems is impossible. 

In other switch brand this is possible. But in ruckus I found difficult.

Someone can help me?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi XG 

From the requirement mentioned I understand that you want to tag a port to vlan 1 . If vlan 1 is default vlan on the switch all ports would be untagged by default so you will not be able to tag any ports 

Link : 

But if you want the ports to be tagged you can create another vlan and use tag command

TestSW2(config)#vlan 4
TestSW2(config-vlan-4)#tagged e 1/1/3
Added tagged port(s) ethe 1/1/3 to port-vlan 4.

If you want vlan 1 only to be used for tagging 

1st change the default vlan to another vlan using 

TestSW2(config)#default-vlan-id 2

After you would be able to see the below option in vlan 1

TestSW2(config)#vlan 1
tagged 802.1Q tagged port

Please refer layer for any more details on L2 setup

I hope this helps. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi XG ,

There is a security perspective also in case you want to use Vlan 1 that I have mention below

The Vlan1 itself is not insecure, even many still occupy it.

The insecure thing is that everyone knows that it is the Vlan by default.

And  you can be a victim of attacks by this vulnerability. Therefore it is recommended not to use it to switching/routing end devices.