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ICX 7150 stack unconfigure unit # not working ? 08.0.90jT211

New Contributor III

Hello, We are installing a group of stack 7150 switches. When In place we saw that a few stacks are having more or less Switches as required. so the problem is when trying to remove the units that will not be necessary the master switch of the stack is not accepting the unit number and saying that is invalid unit. Is a bug or something else ?

ICX7150-48-G03A2#show stack
T=9m33.2: alone: standalone, 😧 dynamic cfg, S: static
ID   Type          Role    Mac Address    Pri State   Comment
1  S ICX7150-48P   active  dcae.eb3b.60e0 128 local   Ready
2  S ICX7150-48    member  0000.0000.0000   0 reserve
3  S ICX7150-48    standby c0c5.2085.3aa9   0 remote  Ready
4  S ICX7150-48    member  c0c5.2083.ff01   0 remote  Ready
5  S ICX7150-48    member  d4c1.9e52.6d18   0 remote  Ready

    standby                                active
     +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+
  3/3| 3 |3/1--3/3| 4 |3/1--3/3| 5 |3/1--3/3| 1 |3/1
     +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+
Standby u3 - protocols ready, can failover
Current stack management MAC is dcae.eb3b.60e0
ICX7150-48-G03A2#stack un
  unconfigure         recover the startup config and remove stack boot flash
ICX7150-48-G03A2#stack unconfigure 2
Error! Unit 2 is not a stack member.



Hey There, 

It is hard to say off of that output. We would need to see how you built the stack to have a better understanding. If you are just trying to delete a non-existent unit, you would do something like this:

conf t

no stack unit 2

I would recommend opening a case (see my signature) if you would like some more in-depth help on this. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

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