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ICX 7150 router/switch

New Contributor

is there any possibility to get my ICX 7150 back into switch mode ? I had some problems after updating the switch and i just made a copy from secondary to primary boot and at that point i didn't realize that the second boot option is actually a router.  

Stack unit 1:
NAND Type: Micron NAND 2GiB (x 1)
Compressed Pri Code size = 32539748, Version:08.0.90dT213 (SPR08090d.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 32539748, Version:08.0.90dT213 (SPR08090d.bin)
Compressed Pri Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz10115)
Compressed Sec Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz10115)
Code Flash Free Space = 1098846208



Hi @Ana_10 

Hope you are doing well ! 

In order to resolve or fix this you must install or upgrade the desired image on the switch partition.

What you can do if the switch is running the routing code is assign an IP to an interface or to the management interface in order connect your PC to, then assign an IP to the interface on the PC with the same range that you have done on the switch and do the upgrade via TFTP or SCP server to the desired image which is SPS8090dufi.bin.

Configure IP address:

TFTP example

Copy tftp flash ( server IP )  ( image root folder ) primary 

Quick Guide:

You can also skip the Connectivity process by using a USB/flash drive which has to be in 32 FAT format, here all you must do is connect the USB to PC, move the desired image to the USB without any folder to avoid root folders problem on the USB (just the image), then connect the USB to the Switch and verify that the usb can be read by the switch using the following commands

Mount disk0: Check if the usb is present or mounts the filesystem of the external USB.

Show files disk0: Let us know the files that are on the USB

Example of the upgrade:

Router#copy disk0 flash SPS08090daufi.bin primary

Quick guide:

I hope this help you

Best regards

Fernando Vasquez






Yes, you could surely re-copy switching code if you would like. You would need to download switch code (denoted by SPS in the filename). Code is available on our support portal. The procedure to upgrade the code would look like this:

copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <UFI-code-image> <primary/secondary>


copy tftp flash SPS08095hufi.bin primary

With that said, you could also stay on routing code. Your ICX can still switch normally. The only difference is that your IP addressing will change and you will need to address at the interface/VE/mgmt port level. Hope that helps!

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

@BenBeck @Vásquez_Fer 

Before i posted this i tried updating the ICX using the manifest command/file and it update but it was a router then i realized i had to put at the end of the command router/switch in my case switch. 

Thank you 🙂