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ICX 7150 Switch question

New Contributor

Is this just a layer 2 switch?

Can it support router functions like NAT and layer 3 ip interface?

How do I create a vlan when I cannot key in int vlan 1?

What are the differences between I, C and X port?

I know that c is copper, x is fiber. How about i ?

What are the differences in terms of configuration you can apply to these different types of port?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello !, 

The ICX's are switches that have 2 code version for operations : depending on the requirement. 
> it has a switch variant of code : when loaded, will have the unit work as a L2 switch. 
> it had a router variant of code : when loaded, will have the unit work as a L3 Multi-layered Switch. 

Under the Switch code variant. on the unit you will have the option to set only one IP interface for management and rest would work as a Layer 2 switch with vlans and other functions. 

Under the Router code variant, on the unit you will have the option to set SVIs and much more with routing functionalities, depending on the requirement. 

The ICX would be a part of the device's nomenclature for the product-line. 

With respect to further details on the units : 
you can refer here : to know more on the specifications and capabilites.  
7750 /7850 /7650 /7550 /7450 /7150 /8200 [ click on the model number to specs to load ]

With respect to configurations that can be done. 
The Management and configuration documentation should help further on that.
click here to visit the page. 


Let us know if the bits help !! 


Thanks !! 

DOesnt really help much.

I saw the switch and some ports are labelled I and some labelled C and some X.

That is why I am asking why there is a difference between I and C.

They are 2 separate cards.

Anyway is there a way to check if 802.3af or at is been used and what is the command to change it?

I visited the page and searched ICX but no useful configuration guide came out.

RUCKUS Team Member

Checking on the difference I could find that on the ports in slot 2  (C)  the same in 7150s work as uplink ports
and they would not have half-duplex negotiation capacity unlike the posts in slot 1 (I) which work as downlink interfaces connecting to end-points. whereas the slot 3 (x) is for unlink and stacking as these are fiber interfaces. 
With respect to their nomenclature I will be checking and updating on this thread. 

the Switch should be capable of both PoE/PoE+ depending on the variant   : and the power delivery would happen based on the end point's PoE Negotiation with the switch.

to check if the power is leased out or being delivered: 

if on code version 8095 and below :
show inline-power
show inline-power detail 

show inline-power : this should be able to tell you if the End device on a port us using AF or AT power, 

Do let me know if this helps ! 

Thanks !!

so I for downlink, C and X for uplink.

so is there a meaning for I and C ?