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ICX 7150 Stacking Issues on 8.0.92 with SmartZone

New Contributor II
I am attempting to deploy a new environment and I have a fresh ICX 7150 stack (two switches) that are having problems.
I don't know if I have a bad unit so I wanted to check with the community to see if anyone else has stacked switches on 8.0.92 or 8.0.92c.
First, once the stack is created, and after a period of a few hours, I can no longer configure the stack using the SmartZone 100. I get "Switch configuration update failed" alarms. Eventually the active member will reset its configuration and go back to factory defaults. It loses everything, the SZ configuration too.
I currently have an open ticket with support. They have suggested that I downgrade the firmware to 8.0.90f. I will try that later today but first wanted to check with the community in case anyone else is seeing odd behavior with ICX stacks, firmware 8.0.92, and SZ100 (on

New Contributor II
Switch#show sz sta

============    MGMT Agent State Info     ===================
Config Status: None     Operation Status: Enabled
State: SSH CONNECTED        Prev State: SSH CONNECTING       Event: NONE

SWR List            : None
Active List         :
DHCP Option 43      : No
DHCP Opt 43 List    : None
Passive List        : None
Merged List         :
Switch registrar host:
Switch registrar discovery retry count: 0

SZ IP Used          :
Query Status        :
        Response Received

SSH Tunnel Status - :
 Tunnel Status     : Established
 CLI IP/Port       :
 SNMP IP/Port      :
 Syslog IP/Port    :

Timer Status        : Not Running

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Steven,

Thanks, we need to debug this to see what actions are getting failed. The tac engineer will share the next action plan.


New Contributor II
Ruckus support was able to identify that using a "Linear" topology when stacking ICX switches is not currently compatible with the SmartZone controller. A "Ring" topology must be used.