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ICX 7150 Ruckus Switch Lennar

New Contributor


Hello my switch will no longer power on. I have done everything in this thread

I know how to use the console it will not connect to it. The lights flicker amber for a second and than nothing else.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Danr831 ,

Thank you for reaching us.

I comprehend that Switch is no longer powering on and you have perfrom every thing mentioned in the thread.

For Lennar accounts we have a separate page where you can always feel free to reach us and post your queries.

Please note each post on a Lennar support page is a case for the Lennar Support team when posted. They will look into the issue you are facing and will help you with resolving the issue you are facing.

Please post and communicate only on the below link which is in Lennar community page to help you with your issue.