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ICX 7150 Boot Image Suggestion

New Contributor
Can anyone suggest TAC recommended Boot and image for ICX 7150?

Contributor III
Not certain about TAC, but I recommend 08.0.80x having run just about everything from 08.0.60 on up on this platform.  08.0.90x is really needed if you use the complete features of SmartZone.

Otherwise, 08.0.80x is fairly mature and rock-solid.

New Contributor III
one of the fixes in 90 is that they fix a potential flaw in where the switch loses power and corrupts boot loader and image, however 90 has 2 bootloader partitions and auto recovery when one of them dies 🙂

New Contributor II
Hello, thanks for the question, it would depend on your needs (as previously mentined, SmartZone on newer versions), you can take a look at software release notes...however according with the website the recommended one is 8070d

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Arun,

We recommend latest 8090 for smart Zone Management.
Or we can go with the latest 8070 Code.
8080 is not recommended there will not be any fixes in 8080.  Only 8080e is used to upgrade to the 8090 code.

8080 8070 8090 8091 are all parallel codes so the higher numbers does not necessarily mean higher numbered code is a newer/better  code.

Hope this helps.