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ICX-7150 9.00.10 Web Service

New Contributor III

I have just upgraded my ICX-7150 stack to release 09.00.10 from 8.0.95d and the Web interface has disappeared. If I do an nmap scan neither of the ports is open 80 or 443.

Any ideas for things to check?

Can I force the servers to start manually?

I have checked that I have all the prerequisites from the manual in place:

telnet@Stack(config)#sh web

HTTP server status: Enabled

HTTPS server status: Enabled

No web connection.


telnet@Stack(config)#sh user

Username                                        Password                           Encrypt   Priv Status   Expire Time


ansible                                        ******************************************  enabled   0    enabled  Never

super                                           ******************************************  enabled   0    enabled  Never

admin                                          ******************************************  enabled   0    enabled  Never

webuser                                      ******************************************  enabled   0    enabled  Never


aaa authentication login default local


aaa authentication web-server default local


New Contributor III

If you connect to the switch via console and change the IP address you will be able to see the GUI after that you can roll back to the old IP address.

To solve the issue you need to upgrade the image code again.

Good luck.

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I am seeing this on multiple ICX switches (7150, 7250, 7450) when upgrading from various RUCKUS ICX FastIron 08.0.9X UFI versions to 09.0.10a of switch code.

I have tried changing IPs on them and then changing them back but the browser still gives the error page no matter the IP address assigned.

Any other ideas?



New Contributor III

Support said to check if the config contained web-management disable, as this setting happens when you update to 09.0.10.

Sure, enough. Here is more info:

This link has more information about it.

Note: Web management HTTP configuration in pre-09.0.00 image will be disabled on upgrade to 09.0.00 release and web management access over HTTPS gets enabled by default.

Seems even though HTTPS server is enabled, the other command overrides it.