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ICX 7150-48ZP & LRM

New Contributor II
I have a number of the 7150-48ZP that we just deployed.  In the past (with another vendor switch) we used LRM SFP+ for connecting wiring closets.  We put in the 7150's a Ruckus LRM and we are getting a Not Supported when plugged into the SFP ports in the front.  When we plug in an SR we don't get "Not Supported" message.

Are LRM optics not allowed on these switches?

New Contributor
Hi Blake,

LRM optics are allowed on the ICX7150 switch if you have the adapter. We have issues related to the LRM optics on the switch and to avoid those issues, we developed an adapter. Below is where we include our optics datasheet where we state that 10G-SFPP-LRM-X-ADP is supported on the ICX7150.

Below is a reference from the ICX7150 installation guide on the details of the LRM adapter.

I recommend ordering the 10G-SFPP-LRM-1-ADP that comes with the adapter. 

Edward Lee