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ICX 7150-24P fanless operation

New Contributor III

I'm trying to determine how the ICX 7150-24P regulates its fanless operation. If I read the docs correctly, the fans will not run if the "allocated" POE budget is at or under 160w? Just to confirm.. the switch is then totalling the 160w based on if a plugged in device is 802.3 af/POE (15.4 watts) or 802.3 at/POE+ (30 watts)? And that's regardless of actual power draw? 

My ICX7150 C12P can report on the power being used per port and in total at any given moment (via the Ruckus Unleashed web interface). I'd really like to upgrade to an ICX 7150-24P; however, noise is a factor for me, and getting the system to run fanless most of the time is a priority.

Thanks for any input/experience in advance!

- Garrett

Dear Garrett, 

I never did it at an ICX7150-C12P, but it seems so.

Else you buy a ICX7150-C12P-2X10GR or for each a upgrade license BR-ICX-7150C-21U210R-P-01.