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ICX 7150-24P fanless operation

New Contributor III

I'm trying to determine how the ICX 7150-24P regulates its fanless operation. If I read the docs correctly, the fans will not run if the "allocated" POE budget is at or under 160w? Just to confirm.. the switch is then totalling the 160w based on if a plugged in device is 802.3 af/POE (15.4 watts) or 802.3 at/POE+ (30 watts)? And that's regardless of actual power draw? 

My ICX7150 C12P can report on the power being used per port and in total at any given moment (via the Ruckus Unleashed web interface). I'd really like to upgrade to an ICX 7150-24P; however, noise is a factor for me, and getting the system to run fanless most of the time is a priority.

Thanks for any input/experience in advance!

- Garrett


Dear Garett,


short version. If you run the switch in fanless mode (we do it via cli), you are capped to the 150~160W. So you can only run 5 ports poe+ with 30W. With tuning lldp and poe calls mw usage you can get out some more ports.

You get in fanless mode only about 40W over the ICX7150 C12P.

We use the switch only in standalone or SZ controller mode. So I cannot answer anything regarding unleashed.



Thanks for the input!

My POE budget isn't large... two Ruckus R650's, and 10 other POE+ devices, none of which pull more than 5w at max. The allocated power is 214w, but the actual power (at max, which all of the devices will not be at the same time) is around 100w. I do need more than 20 total ports though, which is why I was looking at the ICX7150 24p. 

Does the ICX7150-24P heat generation match the POE allocation, or does it match the actual use? 

- Garrett

Dear Garrett,

heat allocation in BTU/hr you can find on datasheet. This is of course the max but it would give you a hint. 

With 205W max you need to tune the config. You need to limit mw per port and need to set a poe priority to get important ports up first and than boot other unimportant ports later. Target is to get under the max. poe budget.

Plan B is to keep the ICX7150-C12P and add a second one as you have than 2 x 120W POE budget in passive mode.

If money is no issue you could take also the ICX7150-C10ZP with upon and multigigsupport as second switch. Unfortunately no 802.3bt is supported but you have 240W passive poe budget and nice multigig Ports for your R650. But you might not be able to get over 1 gbps even with 160 MHz channels just recognise lower latency.



Am I correct in understanding that I'd need to license both ICX1750-CP12's to get them stacked, so they would act as a single switch?

- Garrett