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ICX 6610 IPv6 neighbour cache

New Contributor

Hi there,

We are using a couple of ICX6610 stacks with ADV ROUTER SOFTWARE PACKAGE and we encounter issues regarding the IPv6 neighbour cache. The stacks are default gateways to a couple of VMware clusters and when we migrate machines between nodes, the IPv6 neighbour cache remains untouched and we need to do a clear ipv6 neighbour vrf aaaa:bbbb and clear ipv6 cache vrf aaa:bbbb.

We are using firmware 08.0.30tT7f3 and 08.0.30m, both do manifest in the same way. says about ipv6 cache-lifetime but we tried changing ipv6 cache-lifetime to 1 or ipv6 cache-lifetime whatevernumber and does not help, issue remains.

Do any of you encountered this issue or have any ideea?