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ICX 6610 IPv6 neighbour cache

New Contributor

Hi there,

We are using a couple of ICX6610 stacks with ADV ROUTER SOFTWARE PACKAGE and we encounter issues regarding the IPv6 neighbour cache. The stacks are default gateways to a couple of VMware clusters and when we migrate machines between nodes, the IPv6 neighbour cache remains untouched and we need to do a clear ipv6 neighbour vrf aaaa:bbbb and clear ipv6 cache vrf aaa:bbbb.

We are using firmware 08.0.30tT7f3 and 08.0.30m, both do manifest in the same way. says about ipv6 cache-lifetime but we tried changing ipv6 cache-lifetime to 1 or ipv6 cache-lifetime whatevernumber and does not help, issue remains.

Do any of you encountered this issue or have any ideea?




It is hard to say on this. I would advise opening a support case (see my signature), so somebody can properly investigate. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

Thank you Ben. Our devices are way out of warranty and out of support, but if this a suspect case and you'd wish, I can open a ticket.

Did you ever figure this out?

I have an ICX7250 and I'm running into the same issue with WAP clients and roaming.

If I issue the same clear ipv6 command things start working again.