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ICX 6450 PoE Allocation Issue

New Contributor
I have two ICX 6450 24P switches at my garage. They run PoE for VoIP, Access Control and Cameras. I had a report that the cameras were no longer working. When I looked at the Inline Power the first time it showed various Power Issues so I rebooted the switch. After they came back up it showed that ports 1/1/2-1/1/13 were receiving 30000 mWatts and nothing else was available for allocation. The phones were still working but the cameras (1/1/19 - 1/1/22) were not. I then did a firmware update on them and now I show 0 Consumed or Allocated on both switches. Again, phones working, cameras not. Currently, I have injectors for the cameras and they are fine. Just not sure why I am getting the errors.