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How to perform a hard reset on icx 7450?

New Contributor
How to perform a hard reset on icx 7450? I tried this procedure but it did not work:
1 Remove power from the switch.
2 Press and hold the reset button and apply power to the switch.
3 Release the reset button after all of the system LEDs flash amber.

Contributor III
I think the reset button acts differently before 08.0.70 build families.  It might have erased only the password.

Put in a console cable and see if you can enable and then do a erase startup-config.


If not, you can reboot it and at some point will be asked to press b to enter the boot monitor mode...

If you do that you can then enter

no password

From there once it boots...

erase startup-config

New Contributor II
If you really want to reset the device and not just PW recover you can try this as well:

stop boot process with break sequenced "b" to enter boot mode
factory set-default
boot system flash primary

Contributor II
The reset sequence using the front panel button was introduced in 8.0.70 so it will not work if the 7450 is using an earlier release and you will need to use the method described by James.

From 8.0.80 you can also use the erase system factory-default command at the enable prompt.

New Contributor
The issue is, i can't access the console to do a erase startup-config. When i boot or reboot the device, no output in putty. yes i changed the port speed rate. I used the USB port and mgnt port.