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How to perform a hard reset on icx 7450?

New Contributor
How to perform a hard reset on icx 7450? I tried this procedure but it did not work:
1 Remove power from the switch.
2 Press and hold the reset button and apply power to the switch.
3 Release the reset button after all of the system LEDs flash amber.

Contributor II
Hi, The "mini USB" port is actually a serial port, did you use the serial cable that came with the 7450?


Contributor III
Not the OP, but now I remember this strange setup.

I use an (genuine)  FTDI USB to Serial DB-9 serial port or the Keyspan (TI chipset) USB to serial.  When I plug it into a computer, it shows up in Device manager as a serial port (i.e. COM1 or similar).  From there, I attach a standard DB9 to RJ45 (network cable "female" keystone jack)  adapter - have a box with probably a hundred of them attached to typical rollover console cables.

Out of the DB9 to RJ45 adapter, I attach the RJ45 end of the console cable that comes with the ICX-7450.  It has a male RJ45 connector on one end like a network cable, and the other end is the "mini USB"

Once you find this, you should be all set.

After that PuTTY and select the serial radio button and make sure the serial line is set to COM1 (or more specifically what the device manager is showing).  Speed is 9600 (baud)

The actual serial settings that work are 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, Parity None.

On the ICX platform if you go to Terminal, Keyboard (within PuTTy), you probably will want to set the Backspace key "Control-H" then it will properly interpret backspaces.  This setting works fine on Cisco, Palo Alto, and most others, too.  Have no idea why it is not the default.

RUCKUS Team Member
hey Yavowi,
1.  Remove power from the switch.
2.  Press and hold the reset button and apply power to the switch.  Keep the rest button pressed for 10+ seconds.  
3.  Release the reset button after all of the system LEDs flash amber.
4.  All System LED start blinking green and System is erasing the data.
5.  All Systems LED will turn Solid Green.  Erase Complete, system will reload.
6.  System is Solid Green.  Factory reset complete.
Once done you can connect ICX to dhcp server and it will give it and ip address then you can telnet to that i1 Remove power from the switch.

Hope this helps.


RUCKUS Team Member

Engineering has confirmed that Factory Reset (to default state) is NOT supported on: ICX7250 and ICX 7450.

There was some documentation error about the same on these platforms and is corrected now.

We had some inconsistencies in the software where F/D wasn't triggered as expected on the

Supported models : ICX 7150, ICX 7550, ICX 7650 and ICX 7850.

Engineering has fixed the same in 9.0 version and prep-ported the fix to 8095j. Now these models support Factory Reset.

I tested factory reset on ICX 7550 switch with 8095h, 8095j and is working perfectly.

While we are testing the feature in our lab we observed the below behavior.

If we immediately release the Reset button within 2 Amber blinks after the power cable is plugged in, then Factory reset is triggered.
If you press the reset button for a longer time then Factory Reset Mode button interrupt is getting cleared during bootup and hence Factory reset is Not triggered.

New Contributor

I am unable to assign ip to switch ruckus icx7150. Please hlp