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How to log in the ICX 6450-24p by Out-of-band management interface

New Contributor

Hello  My friend:

I have an ICX 6450-24P switch,but now i can't log in by the console management interface,There is no problem with the interface settings,So I suspect the interface is broken, I know there are other ways  to log in,such as  out-of-band management、Web and so on,I want to log in the  CLI by the out-of-band managemen,but I don't know the IP address by default of  out-of-band management  interface,so  I need a help and who can tell me the IP address by default or other ways to log in  this ICX 6450-24P switch.

Thanks very much.



Hey Ben, 

There is no default IP address. The switch may try to pull an IP address from a connected DHCP server. That could give you a way to access the switch. If you need further assistance, please free to open a case (see my signature). 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer