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How do I delete startup-config.legacy from an ICX 6450?

New Contributor
I have some switches I'm disposing of, and the file startup-config.legacy is sitting on the flash with no way to delete it.  The CLI only lets me remove boot images or specifically startup-config, but not this file.  Any clever ideas here? I can't find any way to delete it from boot monitor either, the closest I have is this:

ICX64XX-boot>> sflash erase startup-config.legacy
sflash  - read, write or erase the external SPI Flash.

But I'm not even sure that's the correct command, even if I could guess the syntax.


New Contributor

ICX6450-24P Router#flash delete startup-config.legacy
Flash file startup-config.legacy deleted.
ICX6450-24P Router#show files
Type       Size   Name
   9806840 [0a67] primary
   9806840 [0a67] secondary
0 bytes 0 File(s)

Done!  'flash' is a hidden(?) command; at least in the sense that you get no command completion for it:

ICX6450-24P Router#f
  fips                         FIPS execution commands
ICX6450-24P Router#

Anyway, I hope someone else who needs this finds it, even if the switches are really old....