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General PoE Data: Firmware Version 00.0.0 Build 000

New Contributor II
POE Failure. General PoE Data:





00.0.0 Build 000

How should I go about fixing this?


Contributor II

The PoE firmware is missing so the solution is to repeat the PoE firmware upgrade process and this should fix the issue, if it does not work then the switch must be replaced via an RMA.

The PoE firmware upgrade process is detailed in the software upgrade guide.

Contributor III
I am just glad you are not Mathew from the last thread... Cisco AP not getting enough power off a 6430-48P

First wait at least 15 minutes if you are doing a POE Upgrade..   Whatever you do, do NOT power off the switch until it completes!

If you are connected over ssh, you can see the progress live you can do that with term mon

You can do a "show logging" to see where you are at in an upgrade if that is what you are doing, too...

For what it is worth, I have never seen the above result from a failed POE Upgrade only from a device with failed hardware.  Often a show chassis will tell you the power supply is bad when you see a message like this.

The procedure is listed in the documentation for the upgrade, and if this is resultant of a failed upgrade or not an upgrade at all, sending the POE firmware is the first step.

This is the command I issue, and it has worked every time for me without issue *knocks on wood*:

Also I use the below command is ONLY for the icx64xx.  The POE firmware on the icx 7xxx series is automatic with the Fast Iron upgrade.  Overall the entire upgrade process is streamlined with the newer series!

inline power install-firmware stack-unit 1 tftp icx64xx_poeplus_02.1.0.b004.fw

I use it with Tftpd64 by Ph. Jounin, but there are many great TFTP servers such as Solar Winds for example.  Either way make certain you are in the correct directory if you are sending the firmware, too.

New Contributor II
Thanks Simon. Actually this is probably hardware failure related as I was not doing an upgrade. The symptoms were that are POE devices all dropped and upon rebooting the switch we saw that the firmware version was all zeros.

I would agree.  I have seen this only on a hardware failure.

To diagnose if this is a hardware failure, try show chassis

You are looking for things like a failed power supply, which is not replaceable except via RMA on the 64xx series.

That said, Simon's troubleshooting step is still correct for the general error... and I would still try both of these before opening a TAC case for RMA.