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DHCP server created on switch can't bind IP address

New Contributor II

I have an ICX6610 that I wanted to test some subnets on an SRX 240 firewall. On my SRX I have an interface that's configured as a DHCP client. If I connect a cord between that port and another switch that has DHCP from an SSG firewall, I get an IP bound.

But if I connect it to a port on the 6610 I get the offer but there is no binding on the SRX. The 6610 though sees it as bound. After around a minute or so the SRX port returns to INIT state.

How can I investigate DHCP issues on the 6610?

Here's my config:
vlan 20 by port
untagged ethe 1/1/2
router-interface ve 20

ip dhcp-server enable
ip dhcp-server pool dhcp20
lease 1 0 0

interface ve 20
ip address
SSH@ICX6610-48P Router#show ip dhcp-server binding
Bindings from all pools:
IP Address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type
Hardware address 288a.1c40.e8cd 000d:23h:59m:37s Automatic
I have no VLANs configured on the SSG/SRX port. I thought I could define a VLAN and untag the port on the ICX and it should work. The port works with a notebook running Windows. Is there anything more I must add to the configuration?



RUCKUS Team Member
Hey K Lui,
It seems to be working as you already served an IP Address.

Your config is good, your Pool is for vlan 20 ONLY,  but it ONLY has one port, all devices connecting to VLAN 20 will get DHCP served.
Please add more ports to VLAN 20.

Hope this helps.