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Can't Update ICX7150-C12P to 09.0.10

New Contributor III


I've got an ICX7150-C12P running SPR08095m.bin (UFI)

When I try to upgrade to 09.0.10 via

copy tftp flash ICX7150/SPR09010dufi.bin primary
...lots of output, but no errors
copy tftp flash ICX7150/SPR09010dufi.bin secondary
...lots of output, but no errors
boot system flash primary

I get

Extract UFI FI version success, version = SPR09010d.bin
New packages found, uninstalling old packages if any..
Installing packages, this may take some time
Packages has been installed successfully
ln: /lib/ File exists
ln: /lib/ File exists
ln: /lib/ File exists
ln: /lib/ File exists
ln: /lib/ File exists
starting console application
ln: /lib/ File exists
ln: /lib/ File exists
cp: can't stat '/.pkg/libpam/etc/*': No such file or directory

And after another reboot, the switch is stuck in a (re)bootloop

mv: write error: Structure needs cleaning
mv: can't preserve times of '/fast_iron/.tmp/FastIron': Read-only file system
mv: can't preserve ownership of '/fast_iron/.tmp/FastIron': Read-only file system
mv: can't preserve permissions of '/fast_iron/.tmp/FastIron': Read-only file system
BI FS error occurred, hence rebooting the system. if same issue happens after reboot, please do power-cycle the system, in order to recover
ln: /FastIron: File exists
/etc/ line 633: can't create /fast_iron/.hash_track.md5: Read-only file system
Requesting system reboot
[  227.540368] reboot: Restarting system
[  227.584266] Asserting GHPIO[7] reset sequence from Kernel ...


Is this a known issue? Sadly I don't have a support contract (I would like to buy one though, but you're not selling it to me).

Any ideas? I have been able to reproduce this error multiple times (recover to 08.0.90mc -> Upgrade to 08.0.95m -> Works -> Upgrade to 09.0.10 -> Failure)

I have tried multiple versions of 09.0.10, like 09.0.10d, 09.0.10h or 09.0.10j