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Can I use SFP uplink ports as access ports

New Contributor
I need to set up an area with one user drop.  It has to be fiber.  The only switch I see that is a fiber switch is the 7450 ICX-48f.  That is a huge overkill for one drop.  Is it possible to buy a smaller switch and use one of the up link ports on the 4x100/1 GBE SFP as a access port?

New Contributor III
--->>>Can I use SFP uplink ports as access ports

I've connected last week on ICX-7250 by customer a Small QNAP NAS to 10G SFP+ and work fine.

Hi Bryan,

User of Brocade switches here.

Any port can be configured in access or trunk mode. That means Ethernet/SFP/SFP+ ports are all the same when it comes to your question. You can make SFP ports as an access port. There are 2 ways to do it. 

You can make the port an ACCESS PORTfor that VLAN by doing as such. ONLY that VLAN would be passed to that port:

conf t
vlan XXX
untagged e 1/x/x

Another way would be to make it a TRUNK PORT with a native VLAN. Advantage would be that you can pass other VLANs as tagged traffic (to another device like switch or access point or something else):

conf t

vlan XXX
tag e 1/x/x

int e 1/x/x
dual-mode XXX

where XXX - is your VLAN

P.S. when done, run "write memory" to save your progress.