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Can I have some layer 3 ports and some layer 2 ports on a 7150?

New Contributor
 I am looking for a command that would work the same as 'no switchport' on a cisco.  Assume the 7150 has a newer version of the routing software on it.

I am also wondering if I can set a port to get its IP via DHCP. 

A use case I am looking at would be to use the ICX to plug into a cable modem (Comcast) on one port and then use other ports as a switch for the internal network.

Thank you.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Mury,

If you are looking at disabling L2 switching, the equivalent command is 'route-only' . Link below

For the dhcp client support and flow chart on ICX, Refer below.


Contributor III
There is no command for "no switchport"

That said, you CAN often set an IP directly on an interface in the ICX world in which case it becomes a Layer-3 interface just like on Cisco.

That said, typically we do not configure them that way.  Instead we use VRIs (Virtual Router Interfaces), which Cisco refers to as SVIs (Software Virtual Interfaces)

If you type in CIDR notation such as /24, ICX will properly type your mask.  Wish Cisco would do that, too.

This is from memory; I am not double-checking my work, but basically these are VRIs and SVIs respectively on the different platforms.  Virtually identical meaning.

Vlan 123 name Test by port
untagged ethe 1/2/1
router-interface ve 123

interface ve 123
ip address


Vlan 123
name Test

interface GigabitEthernet1/2/1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 123

interface Vlan123
ip address

Would this give you layer 3 on port 1/2/1 and then route your other vlans over that same port? 

I believe you are trying to achieve inter vlan routing ? Creating virtual router Interfaces (Ve) for each vlan make them Layer 3 and capable of routing traffic with other virtual router interfaces.