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Announcement: KBA-10289: ICX 08.0.61 ACL loss if not upgraded by specific path (TSB 2020-006)

Esteemed Contributor II

        Our FastIron code has evolved with new features, but some of these developments

are not recognized for conversion to new models if users upgrade over the release that

“knew” about these new modifications.  Between FI08.0.61 and 08.0.80 we introduced

number sequenced ACLs, and UFI images.  A customer reported losing their ACL config

after upgrading, and we need to be aware of this risk, and the workaround/solution to

maintain configurations and UFI upgrade capability.


       FastIron 08.0.70g introduced numbered ACLs that would be converted from pre-08.0.7x.

but FI 08.0.80 and 08.0.90 could not.  FastIron 08.0.80e (non-UFI) must upgrade to 08.0.90f

for bootcode update to 10.1.15 and UFI image.  A specific upgrade path from FI 08.0.61 to

08.0.8x or 08.0.9x must be followed to maintain ACLs and update to UFI image firmware.


        We have created a public facing Technical Service Bulletin (TSB 2020-006) that details

the issue(s) and the workaround/solution to maintain configuration and accept UFI by using

three upgrade steps.  The KBA-10289 has the TSB2020-006 .pdf file attached, and is visible

on the Support portal at this link.

       Thanks and best regards.