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Announcement: FastIron 10.0.10d Software & Product Guides Published on RUCKUS Support Portal

RUCKUS Team Member

The FastIron 10.0.10d software image and release notes have been published on the RUCKUS Support Portal.

PM can share links below for release announcements to customers, partners and employees as needed.


RUCKUS ICX FastIron 10.0.10d (GA) Software


RUCKUS FastIron 10.0.10d (GA) Release Notes, v1.0


NOTE: The following Product Guides supporting FastIron 10.0.10d/ICX7150-ES have also been revised and published:


RUCKUS FastIron Layer 2 Switching Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Features and Standards Support Matrix, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron QoS and Traffic Management Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Software Upgrade Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Web Management Interface User Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Layer 3 Routing Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron DHCP Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron IP Multicast Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Command Reference Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Management Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron RESTCONF Programmers Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron MIB Reference, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Debug Command Reference, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Software Licensing Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Monitoring Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Security Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS FastIron Stacking Configuration Guide, 10.0.10

RUCKUS ICX 7150 Switch Hardware Installation Guide


Note: HTML and PDF versions of the product guides are available in the document portal (



wicked, several of the bugs i reported have been fixed in this release.


i already opened a case for the removal of "aaa authentication login privilege-mode" (case 01745760).

also, issu from 10.0.10c_cd4 to 10.0.10d refuses since the "Primary Image is upgrade compatible" test fails.haven't had much luck with issu in general in the 10.0.10 releases, haven't found a single working upgrade path.

also the upgrade removed my dhcp client on management 1, and no matter what i tried i couldn't get it enabled again, gave up & added a fixed ip.


according to support "aaa authentication login privilege-mode" is "deprecated since 09.0.10". after looking at the latest release notes for 09.0.10 is seems it was removed in 09.0.10a & readded in 09.0.10h. it's also listed as a "new feature" in 10.0.10b & still is mentioned in the manual:
don't ask me why it's under tacacs+, the release notes & docs just mention "use this to autoenable after logging in with ssh" - i'm using ssh & public  key authentication.


release notes for 10.0.10d are now at version 2, link remains the same as in original post.