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7105 with Layer 3 setup as a simple Layer 2 functionality.

New Contributor II
I have never configured Ruckus ICX switches and have inherited 6 Ruckus, 5 layer 2 and 1 Layer 3 switch that are being implemented in a new building. The client wants the layer 3 switch to be the primary switch in a single subnet network. Can a Ruckus Layer 3 licensed switch be configured to run like a basic switch?  Everything I have read states that each port needs to be it's own subnet. I have removed the startup config and reloaded to make sure the switch doesn't not have any left over config information from someone else. Can someone tell me if and how I can make this switch behave like a basic switch with minimal routing? Any command explanation would be great. I have some Cisco knowledge, which I have tried to use to understand the Ruckus CLI, but it is not getting me to where I need to be.

This network is going to be very small and the customer is requesting all ports in the building be available even though that is not necessary or secure in my opinion.  That is the only reason they have 6 switches. They will have less than 100 devices on the network.

Thanks for any basic information. If it makes sense, I would be interested in talking to an subcontracting an expert to do the basic install of that switch.