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do you have to manually look if your Zonedirector and AP's are running the latest firmware?

New Contributor II
do you have to manually look if your Smart Cell and AP's are running th latest firmware?  and do you have to manually download the software and upgrade the devices? or does it tell you that there is an update and you can schedule it?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Joel,
        Your post's title mentions ZoneDirector, but your question mentions SmartCell.
Both platforms require a manual upgrade, at the network administrator's discression,
and should be planned/scheduled/executed after carefully reading the intended software
version Release Notes, regarding supported hardware platforms and sw upgrade path.
        We will announce initial GA general availability and sw version MR maintenance
releases, that typcially include the latest bug fixes, feature enhancements, and possibly
new AP model support.  These will often become the recommended releases for those
major versions.
        By participating in the ZoneDirector, Indoor/Outdoor AP, and/or SmartCell Products
forums, you will receive the firmware release announcements.  By checking our Support
site products/downloads pages, you will see the latest firmware at the top of the list(s)
for your products.  We try to notify controller customers of available upgrades this way.
ZoneFlex standalone AP models will check with an Internet fwupdate server, but do not
do a download/installation.  This Internet update APs to the latest version without user
intervention is incorporated in the new Unleashed platform, for newly added APs, and
after an upgrade of the Master AP.