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VF 7111 cant change IP address

New Contributor
When trying to change IP address of VF 7111 post say it was succesful but IP of the unit doesnt change. What can I do? 

Esteemed Contributor II
If you have a Ruckus AP, and not an OEM'd unit with customized configuration from an ISP,
you can try following these instructions I wrote a long time ago.

If you want the 7111 to be used as a CPE to a Ruckus AP
other than a 7811 metro

gateway AP, you can follow these setup steps.  Assuming you have a ZoneDirector

and 7962/7762 dual-band or 7363 802.11a/n capable access
points, you can configure

the 7111 to connect with a secure WPA/WPA2 with AES
pre-share key WLAN.


1.  Default IP of the
7111 is, so manually give your PC/Laptop a

(anything but .1 or .254).  Press the
indented Hard Reset button on

     a 7111 for 8
seconds, to reset it to factory defaults.


2.  Connect your
PC/Laptop to the 7111.  Ping to determine when it is up.


3.  Open a browser to , allow/confirm security


4.  Login with super / sp-admin credentials. 


5.  Go to
Administration::Management page, and Disable Link-Local Adapter  

     Management, and
Update Settings.  This will allow you to
set static IP or DHCP    

address.  Also disable Auto-Provisioning,
or your manual configuration

     will not take.


6.  Go to
Configuration::Device.  Specify whether
to use Dynamic IP (DHCP) or disable

     it, and set a
static IP address/netmask/default-gateway that matches the VLAN info

     of the ZoneDirector WLAN.  Use Update Settings to keep changes.


     [ If you set a
new static IP address, you need to re-address your Laptop, to continue

with https://;. ]


7.  Go to Configuration::Wireless
page.  Set your country code to United States
and c...