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Are these Software's: SmartZone ,FlexMaster, SmartCellTM Gateway 200 all on the Zonedirector?

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No... ZoneDirector wireless controllers run firmware called ZoneFlex.
SCG (SmartCell Gateway 200), SZ-100, and Virtual SmartZone controller platforms run firmware called SmartZone.
FlexMaster is a standalone server based NMS application, that can monitor and configure ZoneFlex controllers and standalone APs.
Have a look at our Products page, and please browse the introductions for those that interest you.

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Base 100 image firmware can be used across all platforms (apart from unleashed), but you need to issue the "set discovery-agent enabled" command for them to join ZD/SZ/SCG - on certain AP's the discovery agent is enabled by default, but I have found that certain AP's do not have it enabled.

On the SZ and SCG platform you also need to allow ZD coded AP's to join using the lwapp2scg policy.

If you have not enabled this function through the UI on initial set up of your SCG/SZ, you have to do the following on the SCG/SZ cli:

policy accept-all

If your unsure if you have enabled it or not, you can run the following command to check:

show running-config lwapp2scg

Note: before connecting the AP to the network it is advisable that you issue the "set director ip X.X.X.X" command, as if you have both a ZD and SCG/SZ on the same network, the AP will prefer the ZD ahead of the SCG/SZ.

Note: Base 100 images are required on ZD's that use code 9.10 upwards