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I have been having issues with our ZD management ip's MAC switching to the smart redundant ZD and locking us out of the web interface. To resolve this we just clear arp on the router for our management IP and this clears the issue. However this loc...

Scheduling Report SSID for Time Line graph

Hi all, We found that doing a search for SSID scheduled with Time Line Graph, it no longer holds the filter SSID on which the report is made. Besides it show me only the default SSID and I can't view other SSID that I have already created.

Site Survey in a hotel

I will put a Ruckus solution, in a big hotel. They have a problem in their Wireless solution already implemented. Wireless network is not available in a big number of rooms. First I have to do a good site suvey, as you know, a hotel have big Walls et...

onou_onou by New Contributor
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