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SmartCell Insight (SCI) vs Flexmaster

New Contributor III

May I knows about the difference between SmartCell Insight (SCI) vs Flexmaster?
Which product is suitable to me. I only have 61 AP of ZF7343 and 3 ZD. 

My objective is want to get information like client throughput, client uptime, peak time connection, client connect, etc 

Any experts could give me comprehension regarding those two products. 


New Contributor III
The price, that's for sure.

Esteemed Contributor II
Documentation under all Products are free to view.  User Guides will start with a description of the systems.

Scale and Size of your network is the biggest differentiator, to answer your question, and FM is a good fit.

FlexMaster server NMS can manage ZDs, Standalone APs, 7731 PtP bridges and has Reporting capabilities.

SmartCell Insight sources from FM, ZDs, SCGs, SZ-100, vSZ controllers, and is designed for Reporting. 

FlexMaster Overview
Ruckus Wireless FlexMaster software is an intelligent, scalable network management system designed to facilitate administration of your
dispersed Ruckus Wireless Access Points and ZoneDirector devices. 

Introducing SmartCell Insight
SmartCell Insight (SCI) is a massively scalable reporting and analytics engine,
designed to collect data from Ruckus network equipment, analyze that data, and
then present it using a wide variety of standard and custom reports.
SmartCell Insight can collect data from the entire line of Ruckus Access Points (APs)
along with the ZoneDirectors (ZDs), FlexMasters (FMs), or SmartZone (SZ) controllers.