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Older ZoneDirectors won't connect to 9.12.2 FM

New Contributor II

First question here so be gentle. 🙂

I am doing some testing with a VM running the latest 9.12.2 Flexmaster software.  I have also installed our wildcard cert successfully.  Unfortunately it seems that older ZDs, such as 9.0 and 9.1 won't connect at all when connecting them to this FM VM.

For practical reasons we cannot upgrade all these ZDs that are in the field and are looking at a way to make this work so we can use vanity URLs for our client sites using our wildcard cert.

I just can't seem to figure out a way to troubleshoot or debug this dilemma and I was hoping you can shed some light on this. For these clients our reach doesn't really extend beyond warping in to the ZDs and changing the FM url to point to our test box.

A huge thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Michael M

Valued Contributor II

Never used FM in the past however FM version supports controller of same version or closer to FM version.

For troubleshooting, just see from those Old ZD's, if you are able to ping to the FM VM IP and other way around.

Do these controllers connect to VM FM without wildcard cert?

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like FlexMaster 9.10.2 Supports below ZoneDirector Models and their versions..
This release supports the following ZD models:
•ZoneDirector 1100 -- and later (The ZoneFlex H500 is not supported by the ZD
•ZoneDirector 1200 -- and later
•ZoneDirector 3000 -- and later
•ZoneDirector 5000 -- and late

New Contributor II
Thanks for the reply.  Yes, these systems connect just fine WITHOUT using the wildcard cert.  To reiterate newer ZDs connect just fine with the wildcard cert but older ones do not. This is purely a SSL handshake issue, and not a networking issue per se.

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The FlexMaster product has always been designed to support at least TWO (2) ZD versions back*.
(*But often can recognize further forward or back, with the caveat that Templates may or may not
include features not found later than the FM version.)

Actually, I'm quite surprised that 9.12 FM can see back past ZD 9.5, which would be 7 versions back,
but not really surprised about versions 9.0/9.1 that would be well EoL'd before FM 9.10+.

If you still use ZD1000, you should be running the latest for that model.